Our values and culture


Dixon Gordon LLP’s core values define us both as individuals and as a firm, drive our interactions with each other, clients and other business associates, and form the basis of how we deliver premium value services.  Our core values adhere us to the highest personal and professional standards of conduct and help us attract and keep quality people as our business is, afterall, a people and knowledge based service.  We steadfastly maintain to these values, as they protect and enhance our reputation.

Honesty and integrity – We are open and transparent, interact as a positive influence on others and do what we say.

Communication – We work together with an open dialogue and share knowledge and information.

Quality – We are loyal, dedicated to thoroughly understanding the businesses of our clients and bring out the very best of ourselves in meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Innovation – We pursue the facts, challenge assumptions, constantly strive for efficiencies and adopt new technologies.

Respect – Above all, we value people for who they are, respecting them for their integrity, knowledge, skills and opinions.


Our firm’s culture is instilled from its core values, reinforcing trust, collaboration and loyalty to the firm and its clients.  We place considerable value in long-term business relationships, as reflected with our clients, many of whom have been with us for more than 20 years.  Operating in a cordial atmosphere, we embrace technology and dedication to knowledge, entrepreneurialism and commitment in providing premium value service to all of our clients.


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